Motivational Messages for Students

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positive student messages

1 – Good grades are a springboard to get into a good college, get a good job and finally lead a good life. Shun those complacent C’s, avoid those boring B’s and strive every single day, to get those awesome A’s.

2 – Success might be relative but most things that matter in real life aren’t. A degree is a degree, a job is a job and a job is hard work – as simple and direct as it can be.

3 – Do not wait to strike until the iron is hot; but make it hot by knocking.

4 – Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.

5 – Do not feel sad because you are different from others. Each unique skill and talent has the potential to make you a superstar. Embrace your personality and unleash your inner strength. Remember – the only thing that all successful people have in common is that they were different from everyone around them.

student messages

6 – Being a good student throughout school and college is like getting ready for a marathon that will begin after your graduation. Concentrate on your goals and study hard, because the last thing you want is to exhaust yourself before the finish line.

7 – Think of all the bullies who mocked you and humbled you before all your friends. Use the image of their faces to motivate you to study hard and work harder. Think how incredible it will be when, twenty years later, you will see them live in a trailer while you pass your Bentley.

8 – Even a billion starts with ONE – all you have to do is take this step and continue to try again and again until you reach where you want to be.


9 – For the student who can not see the end of the road.

10 – You could have hundreds of tastes on Facebook, but that will not pay your bills. You could have dozens of retweets on Twitter everyday, but this is not going to pay off your mortgage. You might have tons of unread messages on WhatsApp, but this is not going to pay for your new car. You might have dozens of likes on Instagram that are not going to pay for your life. Get a life, start working hard today.


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