Romantic Love Message for Him – Boyfriend

1 – You are the one, I always dream of,
You are the perfect man, who compliments me,
And completes me,
I love you so much sweetheart,
You are the only one I want to see!

2 – To be the best woman for you
To give you the respect you deserve
To give my all to this relationship
To be with you and only you forever…
All that, and much more, I promise.
I love you.
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3 – I have given many guys tough times
I have said my best was never available
I have turned many proposals down
Until yours was too good to be ignored.
I love you for how great you are.

4 – A candle may melt and time may fade. In the bright sunlight, you give me my shade. When I am in your arms, I feel completely swayed. I love you!

5 – I’ve seen how the mirror is deceiving
I’ve be fooled by my makeup since…
If for the way I now look and feel
You’ve built a beauty gem within me.
Thank you for your love and care.

6 – Your one hug makes my day,
The way you stare at me,
Makes my day so special,
Gives me all the glee,
Boy! I love you so much!

7 – We’ve savored a union so blessed
We’ve got its trills in boundless measure
We’ve got a glimpse of the future, too
And unending bliss, together we can envisage.
We are taking it a step at a time, we’re getting there, my love.
romantic love messages for boyfriend
8 – Everyday my love for you is getting strong,
You are the one for me, to me you belong,
Life is awesome with you in my life,
You are the reason for happiness of life,
Thanks for making it special,
Love you so much!

9 – Ceaseless devotion
Boundless commitment
Rhythmic joy cum happiness
And monumental care
Are all I get from loving you.
I love you so much.

10 – Things get better every day of my life.
My worse was turned best in the twinkling of an eye.
This can’t be anything else but true and undying love.
I love you, my baby.

11 – I tried some couple of time to write your name in the sky and failed.
Reality later dawn on me when I know the best place to write your name is inside my heart.
You will always be in there my love.

12 – You make me smile,
For all the while,
You make me feel so free,
Thanks for making my life wonderful,
Without you there is nothing else to see,
I love you sweetheart!
love messages for him
13 – I wouldn’t trade you for anything in this world. I love you so much.

14 – Don’t know how I should put this up,
But, I really can’t stay without you,
Even a single day,
Because of your love
I have the power to say,
Boy I love you!

14 – You make my world so perfect,
You don’t even know,
Today I am telling you,
If I never told,
That you are my everything in life,
Without you I can’t survive!

15 – With two eyes, visions are great.
The beginning of fulfilment was it for me when I knew you were my second eye!
Oh what a clarity of purpose!

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