Cute Friday Messages & Quotes

By | 22 July 2017

1 – “O Allah! Forgive me, keep me on the straight path, grant me sustenance and have mercy upon me.” (Muslim, Dhikr,35)
Jummah Mubarak!

2 – There is nothing in this world that can replace how happy I feel whenever Friday comes into view.  Right from when I woke up till now that I am at work. The thoughts of seeing you today overwhelms my very being.

3 – Friday is usually a very special day to hang out with friends and reminisce on how the whole week went. Happy Friday!

4 – Sweet words are not always true. True words are not always sweet. But no matter what words can say, Actions will always tell the truth. HAPPY FRIDAY

5 – I love that today is the last day of a working week. Now I can sleep, eat, relax and rest well. Happy Friday!

6 – MercyPeace and Love
May the grace and Lord
surround you and be with you
on Good Friday.

7 – You have a lot of things to be thankful for today. Today being Friday is the very first on list. I am thankful. Happy Friday

8 – My Good morning hugs to you on this very beautiful Friday morning. May God bless all the things you do and all your ways. Happy Friday!

9 – I am the witness
to his fearless death.
I am a token of his
last promise
I am the CROSS
Blessings on Good Friday.

10 – It is a beautiful morning and a amazing Friday! I wish you the best Friday blessings. Happy Friday to you!

11 – The lord our God who reigns high above the earth will be with you everyday of your life. Happy Friday!

12 – Thinking of You on
Good Friday
and praying that
the Lord keep you
in his Loving care always…

13 – May your Friday be splendid, may your weekend be special and may your forever be truly great. Happy Friday to you

14 – Feel good when somebody Miss u.
Feel better when somebody Loves u.
But feel best when somebody never forgets u.
Good Friday..

15 – The lord our God who reigns high above the earth will be with you everyday of your life. Happy Friday!

16 – May the blesssings
Of the Lord
Shine upon you
On dis Holy Day
& may he always
Keep in his loving care

17 – Thank you lord our God for an amazing Friday. We are grateful!

18 – Oh Allah! I seek refuge in You from knowledge that is of no benefit, from a heart, which does not tremble, from an ego, which is not stated, and from a supplication, which is not accepted.”(Muslim, Prayer,73)
Jummah Mubarak

19 – All I want to say to you is good morning and have a blessed Friday. Happy Friday

20 – Oh Allah! I take refuge in You from the punishment of the grave and temptation. Oh Allah!  I seek refuge in You from the evil of this wind and the evil of what is in it and the evil of what it is ordered to do.” (Thirmizi, Prayer,94)
Jummah Mubarak!

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